Competition Day Bag – What To Bring

by Amanda Eva (SweetCapri)

I’m huge on learning from mistakes and making sure I work with the knowledge I gained from them. A few years ago while I was getting ready to compete at the Atlantic States I made several boo-boos – one being leaving way too late the evening before the show, and waking up extremely tired and in a horrible mood. Then there was the unexpected list of items I forgot to pack.

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6 Ways to Deal With Your Competition Skin

The process of competing is amazing and addictive for a lot of us competitors. It is also a pretty stressful time for the body and your skin. Your facial skin probably suffers the most since its also very delicate. Sweat, low carb days and stress that are part of the days prior to a show are the perfect environment for germs. Stress causes your body to produce cortisol and other hormones that communicate to your sebaceous glands to produce more oils – oils that can cause breakouts and other unwanted, not very chic reactions.  Continue reading