Behind the Brand – All About Fierce

Inspiration behind Fierce Lip Sauce – NPC Nationally Qualified Bikini competitor Ashley Smith

by Amanda Eva (SweetCapri)

I’ve decided to kick off a series of blogs to share some of the inspiration and the reasons behind certain products, the names, and the many uses of it. I thought the perfect product and shade to start out with is our Fierce Lip Sauce.

Fierce is very special and dear to my heart for the simple reason of being the first one I ever thought of. The first concept, the first color I found that screamed at me, and the first item inspired by one of my makeup clients whose instagram name includes the name Fierce. Her actual name is Ashley, but she’s known on Instagram as kelly_fierce. I went on for a long time thinking her name was actually Kelly! LOL. I also know I wasn’t the only one who thought so.image1

When I did her makeup for a national show in 2014, we applied an intense bright pink on her lips. Her hair, makeup, suit color and beautiful skintone all worked amazingly well with the bright pink on her lips. To this day I consider her look to be one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever done on a competitor.

The way I would describe Fierce is a bright pink, borderlining the neon family. Contrary to what you might think, this shade is quite universal – it looks gorgeous on dark, rich skintones, as well as those on the fair skintone side.

It is an intimidating shade for sure. It is bold, and…well…fierce.10392448_10203389975262075_8460687744244340627_n

My initial intention was for it to be a color to complement your stage look. A little goes a long way – it’s consistency and pigment are second to none. It took me YEARS to find the right product with the right formula to represent my brand. This was it!

How to wear “Fierce”:

For a more neutral and natural look I like to use the doe foot applicator and apply 2-3 small dots on my lips. Trust me when I tell you a dot is enough. Then spread the color with your finger or use a lip brush. It gives a nice hint or stain of the color without it being too much.

For an intense look, you can use the fully saturated doe foot applicator, first line the outer edges of your lips (as if it were lip liner) and then fill the rest with the color. A 2nd swipe will make the color stand out a lot more.

Proceed with caution…or better yet, with fierceness. Enjoy!





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